Rescue Dogs

As many of you know, Dogtor Barker was a rescue dog. He was brought from Oklahoma to Minnesota and adopted my family on April 9th in 2014. Since joining our household he has added joy and happiness to our lives in a number of ways including:

  • Guarding our home from invisible zombies! (We humans rarely see anything outside when he barks but we chalk that up to his superior senses).
  • Offering to test our food for dangerous toxins before we eat it.
  • Ensuring we get our steps in by making us go to the door to either let him in the house or let him out of the house.

Neither Dogtor Barker or I know what we would do without his contribution to our well-being. In exchange for using his name on the site, he asked that we donate a portion of our profits to prevent other dogs like himself from being euthanized because they are unable to find a good home in what is a fairly short period of time. 

Thanks in advance for your help. Every little bit can make a difference.