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    Hi Guys!

    Imara here. Thank you so much for visiting my site Since most of you don't know who I am I thought I would write a short note introducing myself and explaining how came to be.

    I am currently a twenty year old college student. Back in January, I asked my dad if he knew any companies that might be hiring interns for the summer. He responded that he might but asked why settle for an internship when I could start my own business instead. I thought he was joking until he asked if I was afraid to "Be Great." Then it was on.

    My greatest strength has always been my willingness to meet any challenge with hard work and determination. I have always believed that I could accomplish any goal as long as I had a plan. But before I could create a plan I needed an inspiration for my business.

    In my experience, the best inspirations come directly from real life. And right now, my real life is that of a typical college student. As a college student, money is always tight and staying up on the latest trends is impossible. My life style seems to consist of eating ramen noodles six days a week so I can have a little money to hang out with my friends on the seventh. So a business that focused on being a one-stop shop for low-priced, trend-right fashion seemed just perfect!

    Now that I had my vision, I just needed a plan. Fortunately, my dad spent twenty five years in retailing and had a few relationships that could be "leveraged," as he said. It took several months to pull it all together but we got the business up and running and I am proud of how we look at our Grand Opening!!

    For the past several weeks, I have been working with suppliers to identify the best deals on the most trendy items. While most of our merchandise consists of clothing for teens and young adults, we will always be on the lookout for hot merchandise of all types that I can get at a hot price and will have it on our site right before you know you need it!

    Many people have asked "Who is this Dogtor Barker?" Well, if you ask him he would tell you that he is the cutest part of this operation! That's probably true, but he is also our family's dog whose picture always lightens my mood when I most need it. My family rescued Dogtor Barker from our local Humane Society and he has brought nothing but love ever since. When we looked into adopting a dog, I realized how many dogs get euthanized each year in shelters. This has troubled me ever since I became aware and I have always wanted to do my part in helping our emphatic, devoted four-legged friends. Now that I have a business, I decided that I would commit to donating 5% of our profits to no-kill shelters in hopes of enabling them to house more dogs. Hopefully my actions, along with your support, will help make a difference in a few dogs and their future owners lives much like Dogtor Barker has in mine.

    Thanks again for visiting our site! I appreciate your willingness to give me a chance to earn your business one deal at a time. Please visit us often because my assortment will always reflect the hottest deals I can find. And if you find something you like, I recommend you snap it up ASAP because I can't assure you that it will be available in the future.

    Take Care!