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Anime Is Rising! Part 2 in an ongoing series.

The Low Down:

In an earlier blog, we talked about the rising popularity of anime. Whether it's the "Yuri On Ice" feature film currently in production or the web novel 'In Another World With My Smartphone' being developed for a animated series this summer, anime popularity continues to build and every year it encroaches the mainstream a bit more.

Fans of anime in the states can feel a bit out of the mainstream as the general public hasn't truly understood their passion for the art of Anime. The primary reason their passion is misunderstood is that to the casual observer, anime is something for kids. This is a commonly held believe primarily because the story lines can seem to always feature very young looking constant screaming matches. (Yes, we are looking at you, Dragon Ball). In addition, most people in the states primary experience with anime begins and ends with Ash Ketchum. No wonder it gets a bad rap at times.

But times are changing. New titles, like One Punch Man whose first season just hit Netflix captured the imagination with its wry satire of the superhero genre. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, a live-action feature film based on the series fourth arc 'Diamond Is Unbreakable' is eagerly awaited. Re: Creators is eagerly anticipated due to its special blend of humor and action. And what conversation on anime would be complete without mentioning the ongoing development of Ash Ketchum in Pokemon Sun and Moon. 

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