A Rescue Dog Success Story!

The Low Down:
Loving dog Eastwood was the only dog left at Michigan’s Little Traverse Bay Humane
Society. After the shelter updated its Facebook page about Eastwood’s lack of a home, they
received numerous adoption applications for him despite his health conditions. Finally
Eastwood was able to find his happy home.

Dogtor Barker’s Words of Wisdom:
Many dogs are dropped at animal shelters every year, and each year some of those dogs
are euthanized due to the lack of funds. Anyone who’s had a dog knows the true cost of a dog is not just its initial cost. It’s the cost of dog food, the spaying and neutering to prevent additional mouths to feed, toys, boarding when you go out of town. These are all things that shelters have to take into consideration when housing the dogs they need to take in every year, and each year no kill shelters run out of room and a portion of these dogs go to shelters that are not so kind. By shopping at dogtorbarker.com, you are giving more dogs a second chance.

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